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The logistics industry is the circulatory system of the economy providing the timely goods shipment, starting with raw materials and equipment, and moving along the production chain to the ultimate consumer
16 мая 2022 6 мин. 516
When the economy is going well, the poor benefit more than others
02 мая 2022 5 мин. 14989
Recent official pronouncements in China have sparked speculation that tighter restrictions on abortion may be in the offing
23 апреля 2022 5 мин. 25026
The latest report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should terrify policymakers and ordinary people around the world
17 апреля 2022 5 мин. 22098
The fallout from Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has reminded us of the unforeseeable disruptions constantly confronting the global economy
16 апреля 2022 5 мин. 25851
Mikhail Lomtadze, co-founder and CEO of, has once again been recognised as the best CEO in Kazakhstan. The award is part of PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) annual CEO survey
13 апреля 2022 51 сек. 19924
A former prime minister of Australia Kevin Rudd Says More
27 марта 2022 10 мин. 39487
The International Monetary Fund is showing promising signs of changing with the times
23 марта 2022 6 мин. 29498
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Владимир Божко
государственный деятель, экс-министр по ЧС
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Жаксылык Сабитов: Почему Кунаев стал ролевой моделью для Токаева