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Moves are afoot to replace or at least greatly weaken Kristalina Georgieva, the International Monetary Fund’s managing director since 2019
17 октября 2021 5 мин. 98
NEW YORK/VIENNA – When the post-Cold War world was still in its infancy, there was a palpable sense of excitement about history’s potential end
10 октября 2021 12 мин. 1700
God loves the trinity. Should Almaty apply third time to host the Winter Olympics in 2030?
03 октября 2021 6 мин. 3447
Houston. Last days of August 2017. I, my wife Galina and our cutest granddaughter Isla, locked down by the hurricane Harvey in our 9th floor high-rise condo
02 октября 2021 9 мин. 1897
WASHINGTON, DC – Despite the cantankerous, polarized atmosphere in Washington, DC, there seems to be bipartisan agreement on one thing at least: that China is a problem, and that the United States must respond to the competitive challenge it poses. With military and economic strength as its main components, the Sino-American rivalry has come to be seen as a contest to determine who will lead the regional and global order
26 сентября 2021 5 мин. 2784
Yesterday the Kazakhstan Growth Forum held its annual ceremony, recognizing the country’s best CEOs and companies. Winners were selected from 500 Kazakhstani companies, representing different branches of economy
23 сентября 2021 43 сек. 1481
COPENHAGEN – There are encouraging signs of progress in the fight against climate change
19 сентября 2021 7 мин. 3226
Kaspi Marketplace is creating new opportunities for small and medium-sized businesses in Kazakhstan
16 сентября 2021 2 мин. 3838
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